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Wireless Headphone and Controller Stand - GS11

Wireless Headphone and Controller Stand - GS11

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The Personalized Wooden Headphone/Controller Stand is a versatile desk organizer. A stand where you can put your controllers, your headphone and charge your phone/earbud and your smartwatch.

This headset and controller stand comes with one magnetic wireless charger pads (No AC Adapter). This model also is also compatible with original MagSafe charging pad.

You can wirelessly charge your phone or your airPods/Galaxy buds/Pixel buds.

Wireless Magnetic Fast Charging Pad (Qi-Certified 15W Max) is compatible with all wireless charging capable phones, iPhone models 8/9/10/11/12/13/14, Samsung models, Galaxy Note, Pixel, etc...

This stand also have a cutout for your smartwatch. We have smartwatch charger cutouts for following models; Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Active1/Active2/Wacth2/3/4/5, Samsung galaxy fast watch charger (new model, 2022), Pixel watch. Samsung Galaxy watches have 2 different chargers, new models come with the fast charger, (Approx. diameter of fast charger is 1.14in and standard galaxy watch charger diameter is 1.3in) please make sure you select the correct one. Note: This is a cutout for you to place your watch charger, this stand doesn't come with a watch charger, it only comes with a wireless charging pad to charge your phone/earbud/AirPod.

You can charge your phone or AirPod/earbuds with your smartwatch.

It is made of high-quality birch plywood, and it is hand stained. Laser engraving is available for extra special personal touch. Easy to assemble, designed to universally fit all regular gaming controllers and headsets. Headphone stand is perfectly shaped as to not stretch the headband.

Designed and made right here in Maryland, USA.

This Controller Stand with Headphone Holder is the perfect gift for gamers and anybody who wants to organize their gaming room. The stand allows you to store your controllers in an upright position and feature a headphone holder so you can enjoy gaming without the mess of wires.

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